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Danie & Cecelia | Bordeaux Game Farm


“Any day spent with you is my favorite day.  So, today is my favorite day.”

I’m so excited to share with you Danie and Cecelia’s little session on the farm.  They’re getting married next year on our gorgeous new wedding venue here at Bordeaux and we couldn’t have been more excited to show them around.  We had them over for the whole weekend and showed them our Sable breeding camp, our overnight chalets and then ended the day with a little shoot with the golden bushveld sun.  Just love how we incorporated a few photos in the wedding venue, thats starting to look like a dream wedding venue.  From big windows to white walls, every detail will be perfect for your wedding photos.  Because in the end, thats what you got!  And why not have it gorgeous!!  But more about why we did what in another post.  Enjoy their blog post, it’s only the beginning of all the wedding bliss!  Lots more to come! x

Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_001 Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_002 Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_003 Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_004 Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_005Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_006 Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_007 Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_008 Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_009 Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_010Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_011Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_012Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_013Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_014Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_015Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_016Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_017Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_018

And in three months this will something amazing!  Can’t believe how a dream can become a reality! Blessed!Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_019Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_020Bordeaux Game Farm_Danie&Cecelia_021

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