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Danie & Cecelia | Engagement

As with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than your destination.

We travelled all the way to Chrissiesmeer to photograph Danie and Cecelia’s beautiful and romantic engagement session.  She wanted something different and I think these photos came out amazing.  They will be getting married in April at our new wedding venue, it will be a weekend of family and friends celebration their journey of becoming husband and wife.  Thank you for this outing, we’re so excited for the big day!

Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_001Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_002 Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_003 Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_004 Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_005Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_006Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_008Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_007Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_009Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_010Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_011Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_012Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_013Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_014Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_015Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_016Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_017Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_018Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_019Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_020Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_021Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_022Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_023Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_024Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_025Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_026Louise Vorster Photography_Danie&Cecelia_027

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One Response to Danie & Cecelia | Engagement

  1. Celeste 03 . 03 . 2016 at 7:47 pm #

    Ai jy is darem maar net amazing!
    Lucky couple! Best of all the venues – kan nie wag om trou fotos by julle venue te sien nie.
    mwah xxx

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