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David & Chene’ | Clifton Beach Engagement

I’m so happy to share with you today Part II of David and Chene’s fabulous Cape Town engagement session, this time we ended up in Clifton Beach.  With the second part of their engagement session I asked a few of my industry friends to help out and create something beautiful for them.  And wow did they exceed my expectations.  Let me start by describing the flowers, the best in the industry and the most nicest person ever, Anli Wahl created the masterpiece that suited Chene’ perfectly.  Chene’ had her hair and make up done by Minke du Plessis, I would recommend her to all Cape Town brides, she’s such a treat to work with.  Then we had gorgeous custom made stationary done by Anika from The Design Deli, she’s so talented!!  Have a look at more of her work here.

Every time I see the white sand and gorgeous mountains of Cape Town, it definitely inspires me.  With this session I’m so grateful for great clients, and most of all clients that make my work so much fun.  At the end of the blog post you will see why.  Enjoy!Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'001 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'002 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'003 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'004Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'005 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'006 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'007 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'008 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'009Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'010 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'011 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'012 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'013 Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'014Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'015Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'016Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'017Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'018Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'019Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'020Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'021Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'022Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'023Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'024Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'025Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'026Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'027Louise Vorster PhotographyDavid&Chene'028

Suppliers | Flowers by Anli Wahl Flowers & Decor | Make up by Minke du Plessis | Stationary by The Design Deli

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3 Responses to David & Chene’ | Clifton Beach Engagement

  1. Leonie vorster 07 . 10 . 2014 at 7:43 pm #

    louise ek het nie woorde nie. Dit is die mooiste mooi – jy Het jou oortref!!

  2. suret 08 . 10 . 2014 at 8:50 am #

    baie baie baie moooi!!

  3. Storm - ConfettiDaydreams.com Wedding Blog 08 . 10 . 2014 at 10:03 am #

    This is beyond perfection!

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