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Esjee & Marle’ | Santorini Island Engagement session



One of my biggest dreams came true as a photographer, and thats to visit Santorini, Greece.  We’ll with Esjee and Marle’, I’ve definitely exceeded all my expectations of doing a shoot on this picturesque destination.  They contacted me with excitement about their intimate wedding, and I couldn’t be more happier with their idea of their big day!

We started with a beautiful engagement session in the streets of Oia, this is the place to be for those amazing sunsets! They wanted something informal and fun, and it turned out amazing with our own sunset on the steps of Santorini! Ah take me back!

Can’t wait to share their wedding story, keep an eye out for the blog end of the week!

Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_001 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_002 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_003 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_004 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_005 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_006 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_007 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_008 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_009 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_010 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_011 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_012 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_013 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_014 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_015 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_016 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_017 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_018 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_019 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_020 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_021 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_022 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_023 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_024 Louise Vorster Photography_engagement_santorini_025

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