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Francois & Tanja | Wedding

We went on a road-trip to Francois and Tanja’s wedding in Dullstroom last year December, a special ceremony with thunder and non-stop rain surrounded us and the blessing of rain never ended on their big day.  We decided to start 2015 fresh with the perfect surroundings that would tell their story.  We decided on Hartbeespoort where we shot their amazing couple session.  I loved this arrangement, and these two just made the view even more authentic.  Enjoy the blog post!

Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_001 Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_002 Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_003Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_004 Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_005 Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_006 Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_007 Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_008 Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_009 Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_010Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_011Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_012Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_013Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_014Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_015Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_016Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_017Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_018Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_019Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_020Louise Vorster Photography_wedding__session_022

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  1. TanjA 25 . 02 . 2015 at 7:57 pm #

    Ek is verslaaf, kan nie ophou na die fotos kyk nie!

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