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Gerhard & Izelle | City Elopement

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This definitely made my year…and it’s only March!  Whenever a (a really good) photographer contacts you and mention that she’s just thinking of doing an elopement the next week… then in my case, you jump up and down and pause for 5seconds before you reply normal even if you’re super excited about it.  Izelle and Gerhard, the creatives that they are, had a special day in mind where they woke up and go get married.  In their case they did!  After the registry signing, they went to their gorgeous apartment in Linden and start getting ready for a little cute cutting of the cake and a few enchanting photos.  Izelle had her make-up done by Lauren (view her work here), she also arranged beautiful flower crowns to fit her style.  Quirky and fun.  We couldn’t end the day without a few photos with their furry children, they’re also the inspiration to their apartment!  Thank you to dearest Leandri for coming along and enjoying the afternoon with them!  Definitely a special day!

Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_001 Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_002Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_003Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_004 Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_005Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_006Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_007 Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_008 Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_009Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_011 Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_012 Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_013 Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_014 Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_015Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_016Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_017Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_018Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_019Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_020Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_021Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_022Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_023Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_024Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_025Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_026Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_027Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_028Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_029Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_030Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_031Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_032Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_033Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_034Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_035Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_036Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_037Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_038Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_039Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_040Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_041Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_042Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_043Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_044Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_045Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_046Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_047Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_048Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_049Louise Vorster Photography_Elopement_050

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3 Responses to Gerhard & Izelle | City Elopement

  1. LIezl 05 . 03 . 2015 at 3:59 pm #

    mal mal mal hieroor!

  2. Clarise terhoeven 05 . 03 . 2015 at 5:39 pm #

    hierdie is fabulous!! Baie geluk Izelle en gerhard! Louise en leandri, Stunning fotos soos altyd x

  3. Jolindi 05 . 03 . 2015 at 6:43 pm #

    Gorgeous! Love this, so beautiful and different.

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