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Our Greece Honeymoon | Santorini

Caldera, beautiful sunsets, motorbikes, endless Tzatziki, and enjoying married life.  Just a few words to describe this few days in Santorini.

A big dream of mine was to see the famous Greece islands, and then two dreams came true!  I married the best travel partner ever, and we went to Greece!!!! Amazing!!!!!  We went on a island hopping honeymoon and even slept in McDonalds because of heavy storms.  Our 9days as tourists where magical and adventurous.

Our first day ended up to be arriving at our “treat night” in Chromata at 6am the morning because of flights being delayed, not being able to land, having a flight that remind me of “Wilson” in Cast Away , sleeping in Athens airport, and eventually arriving at Santorini with a gorgeous view over blue blue blue and more blue seas.  After a big breakfast and power nap, we went to our second hotel in a little town called Pygros.  Definitely the best decision by far, it fitted our budget and it was private with excellent service!  We stayed at Voreina Gallery Suites, and we felt like royalty!

Let me tell you this, everywhere you will look in Santorini is jaw-dropping-amazingly-unbelievably… beautiful! Enjoy just a few moments that I shared of our trip in this blog post, if you want to know more, lets meet for coffee! Yes, words on a screen can’t describe this few days in Greece!  Look out for the next blog post about Milos, out Pinterest Island!

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_001Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_002 Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_003 Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_005 Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_006Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_004Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_007Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_009Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_010Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_011Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_012Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_014Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_013Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_015
Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_016

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_017

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_008
Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_018Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_019Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_020Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_021Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_022Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_023Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_024

For those who love movies, these are the donkeys that where featured in Sisterhood of the Travelling pants, definitely a must to enjoy local culture!

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_025Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_026Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_027Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_028Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_029Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_030Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_032Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_031Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_033Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_034Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_035Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_036Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_037

We had an amazing afternoon on a Sail boat, from swimming everywhere to great Greek food and wine, definitely a must.

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_038Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_041Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_039Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_040Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_042Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_043Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_045Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_046Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_047Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_048Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_049Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_050

The famous sunset from the waters of Oia, these sunsets where different every single time.  And then… everybody cheers!

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_051

Our view everyday from our room, having breakfast or just enjoying our jacuzzi.  Tough life!

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_052Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_053

Explore the island of Santorini and its hidden beaches by scooter, you will have the time of your life!

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_054Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_055Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_056Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_057Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_058Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_059

Near Akrotiri you will find this gem, Kamari beach!  Sunbeds, cocktails and not crowded.  We went on a romantic date night in the streets, definitely a must for honeymooners.

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_060
Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_061Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_062Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_063

Then the Greeky Ice Cream! Let’s just say, good thing I got married before my visit to this “all-fat-greeky-deliciousy” place!

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_064Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_065Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_066

And then the famous Red Beach.  A little bit crowded but definitely worth the experience.

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_067Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_068Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_069Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_070Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_071

A famous Oia landscape photo.  Be sure to visit the smallest book store ever, Atlantis Books, you’ll find a few (very expensive) original copies of great stories!

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_072Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_073Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_074Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_075Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_076Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_077Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_078Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_079Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_080Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_081Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_082Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_083Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_084Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_085

Each night we enjoyed this view over Santorini and its lights!

Louise Vorster Photography_Santorini_Greece_086

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