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Paul & Hayley | Hot Air-balloon Engagement

When you met awesome clients like Paul and Hayley then you just know your journey with them will definitely not be ordinary.  One (of the many) dream came true when I saw the hot-airballoon.  I couldn’t have imagined it any prettier, the set-up, the people involved and the love in the air.  Paul and Hayley will be getting married end of the year at Memoire, and I’m just overwhelmed by the way they compliment each other. Both being in the creative industry, Paul in advertising and Hayley a talented make-up artist.  They asked the best in the industry to help and be inspired, enjoy this special session.

Planning & Décor | Beatrix Events

Photographer | Louise Vorster Photography

Photographer Assistant | Leandri Kers Photography

Venue & Food | Toadbury Hall

Hot Air Balloon | Hot Air Ballooning SA

Hair & Makeup  | Candi Makeup

Stationery | Rebelle Creative

Confection | Kelly Jayne’s Cakes

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2 Responses to Paul & Hayley | Hot Air-balloon Engagement

  1. Michelle Fourie 24 . 02 . 2015 at 12:54 pm #

    Wow L! Love hoe jy die shoot gecapture het! Stunning!!!

  2. Nico Vermeulen 26 . 02 . 2015 at 12:56 am #

    Louise! You leave me with chills when I see amazing work like this! You’ve been a big inspiration. Fantastic shoot!

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