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Stefan & Marisa | La Residence Intimate Wedding

In the end all you need is to love with everything you have, to not take moments for granted and to savour the moment.


A few weeks back we where treated by a few days with Stefan and Marisa’s family.  A family with warm hearts and big love for each other, just like these two.  A wedding that was intimate and special, thats what Stefan and Marisa dreamt of.  I think La Residence did exactly that for them.  For the moment you arrive, they wave and greet you with a little flower to freshen up your room, to the way they wine and dine you with so much passion and then you can’t help it to get lost in the tranquil surrounds.  Franchhoek is definitely the most beautiful place in South Africa.

A ceremony right next to a little dam, with mountains just giving you that crisp feeling, and then a special touch where Stefan and Marisa had their first look (with a few peacocks observing the moment) and went down together with Jana-Mari and Jani.  You definitely couldn’t hide a tear on the cheek.  We then had one amazing afternoon with no one but close family, and the best dinner.  These two made me realise that all you need is love and to believe in love.  Thank you Stefan, Marisa, Jana-Mari and Jani for letting me be present in this day of your lives, I love every second of it! Enjoy a little blog post to tell your story!

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Photography_Stefan&Marisa_066Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_067Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_068Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_069Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_070Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_071Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_072Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_073Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_074Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_075Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_076Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_077Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_078Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_079Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_080Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_081Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_082Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_083Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_084Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_085Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_086Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_087Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_088Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_089Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_090Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_091Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_092Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_093Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_094Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_095Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_096Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_097Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_098Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_099Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_100Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_101Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_102Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_103Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_104Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_105Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_106Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_107Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_108Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_109Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_110Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_111Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_112Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_113Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_114Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_115Louise Vorster Photography_Stefan&Marisa_116

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5 Responses to Stefan & Marisa | La Residence Intimate Wedding

  1. Lee-Anne 12 . 11 . 2015 at 4:20 pm #

    PERFECT photography capturing beautiful, special moments! there is a particular sparkle that makes this photography absolutely outstanding! well done!

  2. Leandri Kers 12 . 11 . 2015 at 6:44 pm #

    Louise, elke oomblik en emosie is perfek vasgevang! Stefan en Marisa, hierdie dag getuig van al die MOOI in julle lewens – julle huwelik is reeds oorvloedig geseënd!

  3. Jay jay & paulina 12 . 11 . 2015 at 9:44 pm #

    Wow!! Dis net beautiful! Die detail! Die atmosfeer! Die vreugde! Die mooi! Die liefde! Alles Alles Alles …… word deur die fotos gedeel.
    Baie geluk Stefan & Marisa. Mag God se seeninge en guns julle vooruitgaan deur hierdie nuwe seisoen!

  4. Anzel 13 . 11 . 2015 at 7:50 am #

    Wat ‘n mooi trou! Jy het dit perfek vasgevang Louise!

  5. Nicole 04 . 01 . 2016 at 6:19 am #


    WHAT A BEAUTIFULLY WEDDINg with every moment captured perfectly! Congratulations…. and that dress, wow! who designed it?

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