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Wes & Ilse | Intimate Morrells Wedding

Probably one of my favourite weddings to date.  Wes and Ilse booked me for their special intimate wedding at Morrells Boutique venue, and they couldn’t have chosen a better venue.  With Ilse’s incredible style, this venue made all of their requirements to have an unique wedding with friends and family.  They had the best in the industry contribute to this day.  From custom made jewellery to flawless make-up.  I had such a great time shooting with Orpen Films and to top everything, we even sneak away for sunset photos on Northcliff’s hill.  Thank you Wes and Ilse for trusting me with your big day, I’ve also included a little something about Ilse’s unique dress. xo

A little note from Jacelyn, White Lilly Bridal.

Where to start with this gorgeous bride and her dress! I feel so incredibly lucky to have created this gown for such a beautiful and kind woman with such confidence and an innate sense of style. With her bright smile and the twinkle in her eyes, I knew from our very first meeting that I had to create a dress so special, it could capture her confidence in a modern yet romantic way and reflect her personality and style! It had to be something soft with a light, bohemian feel to it. The colour was key as Ilse wanted a very specific nude tone which we developed and dyed specifically for her. The dress was made up of the most luxurious pure silk georgette and a very soft, delicate French lace bodice with sleeves. Simplicity when coupled with the most beautiful fabrics is never plain, but rather a memorising beauty, leaving an impression that can’t be forgotten.

Ilse’s dress White Lilly // Flower crown & jewellery Lorean Jewellery // Make-up Dandily // Wedding film Orpen // PJ’s Anna- Louise Sleepwear // Bridesmaids Dresses Hoiden // Cake Chocola-J // Hair  HairRush // Photographer Assistant Leandri Kers // Venue Morrells Boutique Venue
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    So incredibly beautiful!

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    exquisite!!! every. single. image.

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  4. Nerine 03 . 08 . 2015 at 8:45 pm #

    So sooooo mooi! Welgedaan Louise!

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    Love everything about this wedding

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