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Wim & Allane | Engagement

I met these two a few weeks back on your farm for a special weekend of venue viewing (YES they’re having their wedding here at Bordeaux Game Farm) and to top that we ended up doing their engagement session! I don’t I say this a lot, of maybe I do, but wow I just got the most prettiest brides ever, how gorgeous isn’t Allane with her blonde hair and blue eyes, and all she have is eyes for Wim her future husband. ┬áThank you both for coming to visit us, we enjoyed this afternoon with you and we wish you lots of frames with these pictures in Tanzania. ┬áSee January for the wedding of the year!

Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_001 Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_002 Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_003 Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_004 Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_005Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_006 Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_007 Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_009 Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_010Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_011Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_012Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_013Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_014Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_015Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_016Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_017Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_018Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_019Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_020Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_021Louise Vorster Photography_Wim&Allane_022

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  1. Chrystalace 21 . 10 . 2015 at 11:04 am #

    AAAHHH, Louise dit is vrek mooi! Sien so uit na die troue!

  2. ChrIstel 22 . 10 . 2015 at 5:28 pm #

    Pragtig alla & wimpeRs!!! Sien soooooo uit na Jan!

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