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Dirk & Alicia | Hoedspruit Farm wedding

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“And then I realised adventures are the best when its with you.  Side by side. “

This wedding took me on an adventure.  From the day Alicia mailed me and explained how personal the wedding will be, to the day I met Dirk, to the road trip to their engagement session.  And then another road trip to their wedding!  It definitely had a story and a really colourful one!

Alicia is the owner of this little cute shop in Hoedspruit, and Dirk part of the citrus industry.  That being said, the decor was incredible and the thank you gift something to do with a box of mangos.  Yes, this is how they had a little something together in their wedding.  Guests made their way to a little opening next to the river, and experienced a fairytale ceremony with trees surrounding them.  Then they danced the night away next to an orange farm and ended it with their own ice-cream station! Just loved it!!!  Dirk and Alicia, this experience with you definitely made me smile each time I see you, couldn’t have asked for better clients and friends. Enjoy your blog post! x

Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_002 Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_003 Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_004 Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_005 Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_006Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_007Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_008Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_009Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_010Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_011Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_012Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_013Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_014Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_015Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_016Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_017Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_018Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_019Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_020Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_021Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_022Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_023Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_024Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_025Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_026Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_027Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_028Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_029Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_030Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_031Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_032Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_033Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_034Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_035Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_036Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_037Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_038Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_039Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_040Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_041Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_042Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_043Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_044Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_045Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_046Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_047Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_049Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_050Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_051Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_052Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_053Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_054Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_055Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_056Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_057Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_058Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_062Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_059Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_060Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_062Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_061Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_063Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_064Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_065Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_066Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_067Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_068Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_069Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_070Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_071Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_072Louise Vorster Photography_Dirk&Alicia_073

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  1. Eileen 08 . 06 . 2015 at 3:19 pm #

    so beautiful!

  2. Anri 08 . 06 . 2015 at 7:51 pm #

    Ongelooflike fotos van ‘n onvergeetlike troue!

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