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Herman & Rensche | Florence Guest Farm

Today I’m blogging one of my favourite weddings for 2015, Herman and lovely Rensche’s wedding.  I know Rensche from varsity days, and known her I just knew their big day would be bubbly and a happy day!  The day she asked me to be her photographer I was jumping up and down because I knew that the day would be full of special moments!  They fell in love with Florence Guest Farm just outside of Chrissiesmeer, it’s really a little gem!  The day couldn’t turn out more perfect, I just had to start my post with this amazing photo of the blue skye.  Once again I just loved shooting there, can’t wait to return in the winter, thank you Tannie Ane’ for always making your place feel like home for me.  I have to compliment Nerine from Dandily Make-up on the days make-up, it was really flawless!  Enjoy the blog post!

“I remember the first day I ever looked into your eyes and felt my entire world flip.”

Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_001 Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_002Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_003Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_004 Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_005 Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_006 Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_007 Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_008 Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_009 Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_010Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_011Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_012Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_013Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_014Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_015Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_016Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_017Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_018Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_019Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_020Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_021Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_022Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_023Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_024Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_025Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_026Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_027Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_028Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_029Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_030Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_031Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_032Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_033Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_034Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_035Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_036Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_037Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_038Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_039Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_040Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_041Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_042Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_043Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_044Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_045Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_046Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_047Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_048Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_049Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_050Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_051Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_052Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_053Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_054Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_055Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_056Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_057Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_058Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_059Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_060Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_061Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_062Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_063Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_064Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_065Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_066Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_067Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_068Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_069Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_070Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_071Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_072Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_073Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_074Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_075Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_076Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_077Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_078Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_079Louise Vorster Photography_Herman&Rensche_080

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4 Responses to Herman & Rensche | Florence Guest Farm

  1. Rensche Mari 02 . 04 . 2015 at 11:29 am #

    Dog ek nou net ek het getrou sonder om te weet 😉 Dis beautiful Louise, soos altyd!

  2. louisevorsterphotography 04 . 04 . 2015 at 11:48 am #

    Dankie Rensche!!!! Dit beteken die wereld :-)

  3. Nerine Bleeker 07 . 04 . 2015 at 9:30 am #

    So stunning Louise! Beautifully captured!

  4. Magda 08 . 04 . 2015 at 9:27 pm #

    Rensche, jy het ongelooflik mooi gelyk ! Jou troue is pragtig, amazing mooi ,wens alle bruide kon so spontaan eN gemaklik wees ! Geluk

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