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Jan & Adel | Olive engagement

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.

This quote couldn’t have said it better.  Having such amazing clients as Jan and Adel just makes life and work as they call it (I just call it something I LOVE to do) worth it and then you end up on this amazing olive farm.  Breathtaking.  Adel looked just gorgeous in her sequins dress and Jan smashing in his light blue shirt, together they had fun.  And in the end thats what I love, couples enjoying the moment together before they go back to a rushed life.  Fabulous make-up done by Missy Make-up. xox

Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_001Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_002Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_003Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_004Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_005Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_006Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_007Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_008Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_009Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_010Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_011Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_012Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_013Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_014Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_015Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_016Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_017Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_018Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_019Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_020Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_021Louise Vorster Photography_Jan&Adel_engagement_022

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2 Responses to Jan & Adel | Olive engagement

  1. AdEl 15 . 05 . 2015 at 4:14 pm #

    Yay dankie louise!Dis stunning!baie dankie vir alles,jy’s die beste!xxxx

  2. Adel 22 . 05 . 2015 at 3:40 pm #

    Baie baie mooi fotos dankie Louise xxxx

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