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Swan Lake | Styled session

Once in a while you need to step out of the ordinary and do something extravagant.

A few suppliers in the industry came together in a studio one Sunday and had a magical shoot, from gorgeous stationery to the perfect picture with hair and makeup.  We wanted to help out fellow suppliers for some portfolio work and before I knew it, this became one passionate project for each one of us.  We where spoiled by the most unique dresses and every photo was different and captured with different emotion.  Enjoy this piece of ours, it was surely a day for creatives.

Supplier List :

Couture Dresses  |  Zanne-Marie Fourie from Zanne Couture
Hair  |  Angeli Bosman from True Reflection Artistry
Makeup  |  Missy van Heerden from Missy Makeup
Stationery, Styling and Concept  |  Jolindi van der Merwe from Chrystalace
Models | Joanine de Bruyn,  Frieda de Bruyn, Jeandri Cloete & Anné van der Hoven
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